Monday, April 9, 2012

Along the Path by Dale McEntire

Along the Path
by Dale McEntire

Working on location is the most natural way for me to produce paintings at this time in my life. These works always come back to the studio for reworking and sometimes complete new approaches but their beginnings are in the natural world. My process has been one that has developed over the years but in many ways remained grounded in certain principals. I have several favorite locals I like to revisit and explore in depth. These include NC Game Lands , PAC Conservancy Land , National and State Parks.

I try to approach the landscape with a clear and calm mind. As I hike into an area I allow my senses to open up to light , sound, composition and instinctual emotions that may arise. I also keep my awareness on signs that may present themselves such as animals, unusual formations and other natural elements. When the scene begins to present itself I then spend a few moments becoming familiar with the energy present and my place in it. It is my understanding that this time alone in nature is a gift and my responsibility as an artist is to honor it. As with all quite time the mind is prone to wander and rebel but with practice I have learned to be present with my surroundings.

The paintings have gone through several stages over the years and I have continued to work toward finding my own language. Many artist have inspired me over the years and helped me along with my journey. I enjoy working this way and will always have these experiences with me. After a days work I normally walk away with a feeling of gratitude and contentment of having spent several good hours on this blue jewel we call earth. A bow of gratitude is a good way to end the day.

Dale McEntire

Red Earth Studio

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  1. Dale, Thank you so much for giving us this glimpse into your world of painting outdoors. Wonderful!


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