Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Open Studio" by Diana Gurri

To me a studio is an environment to which I retreat for the purpose of getting completely involved in the project at hand. It can be as simple as a clear table , a container with 20 very sharp pencils, and something to draw on, or a place in nature with stones to pile or twigs and vines to weave. It can be a corner in a room with discarded fabric, threads and a pair of scissors, or any surface with enough space to spread out. Anywhere there is a pile
of inviting books also becomes a studio space. A studio can form in my mind to become a retreat for more ideas.

Throughout my life I have been pursuing many different art studies and careers: fashion design/illustration, oil painting, weaving, print making, costuming, abstract expressions, fiber assembling, and teaching. My current mixed media work allows me to use materials from past endeavors to create new forms. I have had many studios in the past and am now fortunate to be in the most peaceful setting with both indoor and outdoor workspaces. Different work stations are set up for painting, sewing, sawing, drilling, drawing, assembling, etc. Keeping order with so many projects going on at once is a problem. Having open studios is the greatest inspiration to reclaim those areas that have been buried in unfinished projects. When the chore of clean up is done there will even be room for Catherine Gurri (who spent over a year working in the studio) and Bob Neely (who created the sculpture garden and made numerous improvements to the studio building), to be working and displaying their own art.
                                                                                             -Diana Gurri © 2012

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